Not Cool…

Not Cool…

I think marriage is something you should decide, I mean you have to get to choose who to marry, because marriage simbolizes true love, it is not something ypur parents should arrange for you..


7 thoughts on “Not Cool…

  1. Excuse me, but who are you to dictate what “true love” constitutes? True love in and of itself is something that every individual concludes by themselves. There’s no text book definition. Who’s to say this couple doesn’t have nor will ever have true love? Also, did you know that of all the arranged marriages globally, only 4% of them end in divorce while in America itself, over 50% of marriages have the same conclusion. This however is besides the point. It shouldn’t matter how two people met or not, it was their CHOICE to get married and you have no right to tell them what’s right or wrong.

    • Whatever I’m saying it’s my personal opinion. I’m just expressing what I think about this, besides, my opinion is given from a Christian perspective, and for true love is putting that person above everything, like we Christians do with God, I think that perhaps blind dates can work but not an arranged marriage.

  2. All their parents did was give them an option, to get to know someone or not. From that point forward, it was all their own choice and their own decision to move forward. I would say their marriage symbolizes true love just as much as any other.

    • Yes I know, but of you marry someone you just met, you eventually will find something you don’t like in that person. I think it would be better if they knew themselves a little longer before thinking about marriage. But again it is just my opinion.

      • That’s where the commitment she mentioned comes in. When I married my husband, of course there were things we didn’t love about each other, but that didn’t mean we stopped loving who they were and staying strong for them, ourselves, our families, God and Jesus. If that were enough to end every arranged & committed marriage, we would end up like the rest of America. When you marry someone you just meet, you already know the most important thing: This person is just as strongly committed to God and marriage as I am.

  3. I think this depends on every person’s point of view, some may thin is good some may think it’s not, and all I did was post a comment from my point of view, thanks for answering though I appreciate to know what other people think of what I post… thank you, and God bless you.

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